July 11, 2016

What Is A Barter Exchange Network?

Bartering entails the trading of a product or service for another. Typically, there is no cash exchange. Bartering typically takes place the way it traditionally has – between businesses and individuals. Alternatively, trade can be based on a third party basis via a barter exchange company. This is where companies like ITEX fill this need.  A ‘barter exchange’ is defined as any individual or firm with members that contract with each other to jointly trade products or services.  It doesn’t include arrangements for providing the informal exchange of similar services or products purely on a non-commercial basis.  The exchange of this service or product must take place within the barter – exchange platform. The current barter exchange takes away the obligation of the members to purchase directly from a seller. Rather, when a member of barter exchange sells a product to another member, his or her barter account is credited using […]