Welcome to Treasure Coast Barter

Deborah Keathley from Bowen Therapy, has thanked ITEX for bringing her new business, she would have never gotten without ITEX! Instead of buying the things you need and want with cash, our members use ITEX dollars, which they earn by selling their products and services to other ITEX members. The network of business members that offer a wide variety of products and services around the United States and Canada number about 23,000 and has been around for 33 years! Our website is just a portion of what is offered to you as an ITEX Member. Treasure Coast Barter has a Member Base of close to 170 local members, and growing!! Our members have had websites built, buildings painted, advertised , attorney assistance, traveled the world, printed brochures, had pest control, purchased land or boats, camps for their kids, on and on, all using ITEX trade credits! The next time you write a check for a service or product, please call me! I will work very hard to find you the right "trading partner", and there is nothing more rewarding than making that happen!

I think it is important to share with you all, the things I have used ITEX for, as I am most appreciative of having my business. Not only have I met so many members/business owners, that I have become close friends with, in my own home town, but I as well have been able to use this great currency to save my precious cash….and what is better than use my friends’ services!

This website!!....My accountant, Attorney for my will and divorce, Dentist for 3 crowns and cleanings, Advertising, hair, facials, incentives, gifts, renovate my home using my electrician, recover my cushions, surround sound and central vac, Knobs for my kitchen, artwork, travel, and more.

Barter IS smarter, and that I believe!

Elizabeth (Liz) Bowler, Franchise Owner